The Motion Battery LLC specializes in sports content for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA teams.  TMB  has also made content for corporations and small businesses. Whether it's in-stadium video boards, ice/court projections, broadcast packages or national spots, if you need graphics that will captivate the sports world- you've found your battery mate. So give The Motion Battery a call and let's charge YOUR fans up!

Rob Rossi
Creative Director / Motion Designer
Rob's a Chicago based Creative Director / Motion Graphic Designer. He started his career in LA in 2007 where he won two sports graphic design Emmy awards as a member of the "ESPN Sport Science" team (2010 & 2011). Rob moved back home to Chicago in 2011 and continued freelancing with the team remotely, while picking up other projects. He had opportunities to create in-game, broadcast, and web content for several pro sports teams during this time, and also worked onsite for several studios/agencies throughout the greater Chicago area. In January 2014, He took a full-time position where he extensively created content for projection-mapped surfaces and oversized displays for large corporate conferences. Traveling around the country, he gained onsite experience in live multi-display production and execution, as well as valuable insight into the live queueing process. Rob returned to freelance in the summer of 2015 and by the end of that year, launched The Motion Battery LLC to focus his passion on creating sports content.
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